Rural Roadway Projects

Palmer Engineering has been involved in performing rural roadway surveys in Kentucky since 1969. Survey tasks involved boundary and topographic surveys, digital terrain modeling, mapping, GPS control, core staking, scanning, deed research, and property surveys. Representative projects include:

KY-52, Garrard and Garrard/Madison Counties – This project involves 2 segments of the overall improvement of the KY-52 corridor for a total of 10.15 miles.

KY-11, Fleming County – This 8-mile project consisted of the survey, Phase I, and Phase II design for the reconstruction/relocation of KY-11 from the Flemingsburg Bypass south to a previously improved section of the route near Concord.

US-460, Montgomery County – This project consisted of the survey, preliminary design, and final design of 1.52 miles of new 2-lane rural arterial highway and 1.31 miles of new 3-lane urban arterial highway.