Mountainous Highway Projects

US-119, Pike County – The project consists of 8.5 miles of relocation of US-119 from Zebulon to Bent Mountain. Palmer provided Phase I and Phase II design and survey services. High pressure gas lines, gas wells, and cemeteries were located in the survey phase. The project was complicated by the mountainous terrain and significant development along the valley bottoms.

US-460, Pike County – The project consists of the relocation of US-460 from US-23 at Yeager to the Virginia State line. More than 55 miles of alternate corridors and 13 alternate alignments were included in the Planning Study. Reviews of potential environmental impacts, as well as the development of roadway geometrics and phase cost estimates, were also required.

Palmer engineering provided all surveying operations for the entire 18 miles–including GPS photo control, project control, right-of-way/utility locations, drainage and bridge surveys, and right-of-way staking.

US-127, Owen County – The Monterey Bypass project consists of 4.75 miles of 2-lane rural arterial roadway, along with a major bridge structure crossing Cedar Creek, and 4 concrete box culverts. Palmer provided surveying, roadway design, and structure design.

US-127, Russell-Clinton Counties – Palmer Engineering was part of a design team that studied the upgrade of 21 miles of a narrow, winding, 2-lane roadway in south central Kentucky. The corridor varied from 1 to 2 miles in width, and included a 7-mile portion of the Cumberland River.

Corridor mapping of the three alternates did not include any information below the water surface of the river. Therefore, a survey of the river bottom was performed, using an Innerspace Technology survey depth sounder in combination with RTK survey and Hydropro Navigation software. The results were then incorporated into the rest of the mapping.