Lifestyle Communities Development

Palmer Engineering completed the civil engineering design of 29 buildings that include 226 townhome units on a 19.05-acre site. Palmer was responsible for site layout and design, which included interior roads and sidewalks. Because of the existing steep grades and the desire to minimize earthwork, Palmer designed a complex system of sidewalks and ramps to efficiently allow access to all residential units. The interior sidewalks were designed to ensure accessible routes and parking to the 45 handicap-accessible units. Other accessible sidewalk routes and parking included access to storage buildings, clubhouse, and dumpsters.

Construction plans included site grading, drainage, utility, and erosion control plans. Palmer also designed the on-site storm water management, which included 3 detention ponds. The water quality design provided by Palmer includes BMPs such as bioretention swales and rain gardens, which provide groundwater recharge in the detention ponds to promote groundwater infiltration.