Camp Taylor Sanitary Sewer Replacement

The Camp Taylor Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project consists of approximately 17,000 linear feet of new gravity sewer ranging in size from 8-inch to 12-inch pipe, with approximately 115 new manholes and associated work, including pavement replacement, sidewalk replacement, borings, and new services. To facilitate this project, it was necessary to conduct sewer service surveys of the majority of the 647 residents within the basin area. Palmer Engineering has also developed individual design documents for each resident to relocate the sewer service as well as elimination of illicit sewer connections as necessary. Additionally, this project includes rehabilitation of approximately 5,200 linear feet of sewer and 28 manholes.

The project area is presently served by MSD. The proposed sanitary sewer system for the project area will be a combination of new sanitary sewer lines on new alignments, salvaged sanitary sewer lines, sanitary sewer lines that will require maintenance, and new sanitary sewer lines that will be reconstructed on the existing sanitary sewer alignments; 22,080 linear feet of new sanitary sewer, salvaged sanitary sewers, and reconstructed sanitary sewers have been identified during the SSES for the Camp Taylor – Area 2A Project Area.

The Camp Taylor Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project involves coordination with MSD and permitting assistance with the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) and US Army Corps of Engineers. All design drawings (plan/profile sheets) and details are prepared per MSD specifications.

The engineer’s opinion of probable cost for the replacement portion of the work is $5.2 million.