Amazon Customer Service Center

The Amazon Customer Service Center Project included the civil design of a 15.42-acre development that included an 80,000 SF building along with 805 parking spaces, site lighting, signage, entrance, and storm water design.

The site parking was designed to facilitate both maximum vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The entrance and parking were arranged to facilitate a bus drop area at the main entrance. An enclosed dumpster area was located in a discrete location to be un-noticed by parking pedestrians. Signage was utilized to assist the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Pedestrian ways were incorporated into the design to safely maneuver pedestrians to the desired facility entrances.

The design and construction of a 0.2 mile walking track was included with the project. The walking trail area includes benches and picnic areas.

Special attention was given to the facility site lighting since the facility would be in operation 24-hours per day. Close coordination between the photometrics designer and electrical engineer ensured successful site lighting. Lighting was provided for the entire facility including entrance, parking, and walking trail areas.

Rolling Hills Lane was widened with turn lanes to accommodate the additional traffic turning movements.

A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and a Stormwater Management Plan were written and implemented for this project.